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Plate 1: Flagpole used to mark the mineable area.

Plate 2: Example of marking on the excavator’s arm to ensure extraction does not exceed the allowable depth.

Plate 3: Levelling staff as indicated by the arrow.

Plate 4: Example of suction pump cable with clamp.

Plate 5: Marking of boundary using wooden stake painted with red and white.

Plate 6: Marking of boundary with zinc hoarding.

Plate 7: Riparian buffer boundary marked with signboard.
Plate 8: Marking tools with signage for riparian buffer.
Plate 9: No disturbance to the riparian vegetation.

Plate 10: Sedimentation pond (pointed)

Plate 11: Debris tank (shown with arrow).

Plate 12: Water sprinkler facility along the access road.

Plate 13: Example of water drenching facility (Lorry water tanker with drench accessory).

Plate 14: Dust suppression systems at screening facility.

Plate 15: Enclosed conveyor system.

Plate 16: Zinc hoarding.

Plate 17: Example of oil storage equipped with drip pan for barge or pontoon.

Plate 18: Sorbent pads.
Plate 19: Sorbent boom.
Plate 20: Photo of septic tank.

Plate 21: Example of washing facility (sprinkler system).