As part of the Environment Protection Department’s continuous efforts to enhance environmental management in Sabah, this document is published to minimise impacts of development activities for river sand/stone mining and processing activities. For any approved Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) the project proponent is required to sign an Agreement of Environmental Conditions (AEC).

The AEC outlines all the conditions which must be complied with by the proponent to ensure adverse environmental impacts would not arise from the project activities and compliance with the AEC is key to the sustainable river sand/stone mining industry in Sabah. With that in view, the standard operating procedures (SOPs) is published to provide practical step-by-step instructions and best management practices to assist project proponents in improving compliance with the requirements mentioned in the AEC. The environmental self-regulation (ESR) guideline, which is published in a separate handbook, supports these sops in managing the project’s environmental components and thereby improves compliance with environmental conditions.

Sincerely hope that this document is utilised to its fullest extent by project proponents and other relevant stakeholders. I would like to extend my utmost appreciation to all government agencies, organisations and individuals who have contributed to the preparation of this document, without whom this publication would not be possible.

Vitalis J. Moduying,


Environment Protection Department, Sabah.