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  4. 12. Environmental Condition: Abandonment



Abandonment at any stage leads to the unpleasant visual appearances of earth spoils, barren land, soil erosion and water pollution as well as abandoned structures on-site. Cleared riparian vegetation at the riverbank of the extraction area are also susceptible to long-term bank erosion in the event of high river flow. Proper environmental rehabilitation procedures should be adapted if abandonment occurs, to control and minimise possible negative environmental and social issues in the future.


Ensure all site facilities/structures (e.g., workers quarters, crusher plant, sand screening plan etc.) pose no significant impact on the environment and public health upon total abandonment of the Project.

Standard Operating Procedures

12.1.1 Remove all project signboards, mining marking tools, machinery, equipment, temporary site office, and workers quarters, including septic tanks, from the project site in a systematic and proper manner.

12.1.2 Extract and clean or dispose of by legal means, all soil that has been contaminated by oil, hazardous substances, or scheduled waste.

12.1.3 Rehabilitate all exposed soil that may cause further erosion, by re- vegetating these areas with cover crops. Any rehabilitation expenses are borne by the developer.

12.1.4 Submit a notification of closure or abandonment of river stone/sand mining activity to the EPD.

12.1.5 Prepare an Environmental Compliance Audit and Monitoring Closing report to the EPD when closure or abandonment is planned.