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CONTROL OF liquid waste & discharge from barge


Liquid waste refers to the surplus water from the sand screening activities which contains debris or biomass. When such materials are to be dumped back into the river it would threaten sensitive aquatic life and could potentially deteriorate downstream water quality.


Protection of river from liquid waste generated on a barge.

Standard Operating Procedures

5.1 Equip barge deck with liquid waste control structures. The control structures shall consist of the following components (components may differ from one project to another).

    • Screening facilities
    • Debris tank
    • Runoff and discharges barrier / Bundwall

Figure 10: Example of liquid waste control structures on a barge and its function.

Plate 11: Debris tank (shown with arrow).

5.2 Prohibit the disposal of debris or biomass collected within the debris tank into the. Dispose of the collected debris or biomass at an approved dumping area.