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  6. Operational & Production: Excavator – 9. Control of Solid Waste and Biomass



Vegetative/biomass and domestic waste as well as operational waste are generated throughout Project activities. Indiscriminate disposal of waste leads to soil and water contamination as well as emissions of bad odour towards the surroundings and creates unappealing aesthetic views of the Project area.


  • Proper management of solid and biomass waste.
  • Ensure good housekeeping within the project site.
  • Protect the water quality of nearby water bodies.

Standard Operating Procedures

9.1 Prohibit disposal of solid waste and biomass waste into the river or waterway.

9.2 Provide adequate solid waste collection facilities and recycle bins made from sturdy materials to prolong usage of Label the recycle bins for effective waste segregation.

9.3 Identify the 30 meters distance from the riverbank when selecting a suitable location for the solid waste collection facility and recycle bin. Identification can be made using a measuring tape. Figure 17 shows the measurement of 30 meters from the riverbank.

Figure 17: Measurement of 30 meter distance.

Source: SOP For Compliance With Environmental Conditions Of Housing and Commercial Development in Sabah, 2021

9.4 Dispose of the collected solid waste and biomass produced from the project site at an approved dumping ground.