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The operation of heavy equipment and machinery, especially at the processing area, causes increases in ambient noise levels within and at the vicinity of the Project site. Meanwhile, transportation activities along the transportation or navigation route lead to noise pollution to other nearby land users along the route. Higher noise levels cause nuisance and discomfort to nearby communities.


  • Minimise noise generated from project activities.
  • Protect the surrounding community from exposure to high noise levels.

Standard Operating Procedures

7.1 Install 3 metres (in height) hoarding at the location proposed in the EIA report or AEC.

Plate 16: Zinc hoarding.

7.2 Install rubber lining on the dump hopper surface.

7.3 Consider the following materials for use as rubber lining:

    1. Old tyres
    2. Old conveyor belts
    3. Manufactured rubber lining

7.4 Secure the rubber lining with a suitable adhesive.

7.5 Records of the maintenance of vehicles and machinery should be kept by the project developer and as proof to the auditors.

7.6 Limit operation time from 8 am to 5 pm only.

7.7 Prohibit operation on Sundays and public holidays.