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CONTROL OF TRAFFIC & Transportation


Traffic disruption and congestion are expected due to the presence of heavy and slow-moving transportation vehicles at access roads or transportation routes for land transportation. Other road users and nearby land users are exposed to traffic hazards and risks of accidents, as well as traffic dust and noise. Meanwhile, utilisation of vessels such as barges, dredgers and tugboats for mining and river transportation subsequently disrupts existing river traffic in terms of increases in traffic volume and flow particularly in areas where the river is also used for local navigation and fishing activities. Engine noise caused by the movement of vessels along the river also potentially impact surrounding land use, particularly those residing near the navigation route.


Conduct traffic and transportation activities safely and efficiently.

Standard Operating Procedures

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11.1 Traffic & Transportation (Land)

11.1.1 Construct a washing facility at the site Types of washing facilities are as follows:

    1. Wash bay/wash trough
    2. Sprinkler system
    3. Water jet

Plate 21: Example of washing facility (sprinkler system)

11.1.2 Thoroughly clean tyres and underbodies of transportation vehicles at the provided washing facility before leaving the Project site to avoid the formation of bulky deposited dirt and earth on public road surfaces.

11.1.3 Ensure the washing facility is regularly maintained to ensure its efficiency.

11.1.4 Refer to requirements from the LA for transportation routes and/or PWD for access involving road reserves (application of wayleave).

11.1.5 Obtain consent from landowner if access is required through their land.

11.1.6 Strictly observe speed limits and other traffic law.

11.1.7 Erect suitable speed limit and safety signs near the junction of the site and at the site Refer to the Arahan Teknik (Jalan) 2A/85 for preparation of traffic signboards.

11.1.8 Provide canvas as cover for all transportation vehicles.

11.1.9 Schedule off-site transportation activities appropriately to avoid peak traffic hours (8.00 – 8.30 am and 4.30 – 5.00 pm).

11.1.10 Apply OP if access road to the procesing site is passing through a forest reserve.