Below are the responsibilities of the PPs.

i. Implement all mitigation and control measures listed in the AEC/MD by referring to these SOPs and the EIA/MD.

ii. Include the AEC/MD in all contractual agreements made with respect to activities of the project and ensure compliance and implementation by all contractors, agents or individuals appointed or instructed to carry out activities of the project.

iii. Display copies of AEC/MD at the Operations Office in prominent places.

iv. Install a signboard containing information on the developer’s name, reference to the approval letter of the EIA/PMM Report and date of approval of the EIA/PMM Report, at the project entrance.

v. In cases where some of the environmental conditions in the AEC/MD are unable to be complied with due to site conditions, changes in work sequences, Project components / concepts, size of the Project area and location as well as mitigation measures that have been agreed in the AEC/MD, inform the EPD and request for written permission through the environmental consultant.

It is PPs’ responsibilities to obtain approval or fulfill the requirements from the other relevant government agencies. Among the requirements that might or shall be imposed are:

i. Dilapidation survey requirement by local authorities.

ii. Written notification requirement by DOE for genset (temporary or permanent) and Air Pollution Control System (Alat Kawalan pencemaran Udara (SKPU)) if a batching plant is constructed within the Project site.