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As part of the Environment Protection Department’s continuous efforts to enhance environmental management in Sabah, this document is published to minimise impacts of development activities for housing and commercial development. For any approved Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) or Proposal for Mitigation Measures (PMM), the project proponent is required to sign an Agreement of Environmental Conditions (AEC) or Mitigation Declaration (MD). The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) outline environmental conditions in the AEC or MD to be complied with by the project proponent.

These SOPs for housing and commercial development provide practical step-by-step instructions and best management practices to guide project proponents towards enhancing compliance to the conditions stated in the AEC or MD. Published in a separate handbook, the Environmental Self-Regulation (ESR) guideline complements these SOPs in managing the environmental aspects of the project thus further enhancing compliance to environmental conditions.

I greatly acknowledge all government agencies, organizations and individuals who provided valuable comments, feedback and inputs into the preparation of these SOPs. I sincerely hope this document is utilized meaningfully by relevant stakeholders for a more sustainable environment in Sabah.

Vitalis J. Moduying


Environment Protection Department, Sabah