EPD online services for environmental consultants.

Database Maintenance of EIA System (DEIAS)

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  • All environmental firms registered with EPD can now view the processing status of their Scoping Note (SN), Terms Of Reference (TOR), Proposal For Mitigation Measures (PMM), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Special Terms Of Reference (Special TOR) and Special Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) Reports. 
  • For the general public, info on SN, PMM, TOR, EIA, Special TOR and SEIA reports submitted to EPD is shown under the EXPLORE tab on the main page.

Environmental Consultant Registration & Renewal System (ECRES)

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  • The system is still under development and expected to be completed by early next year.
  • All environmental firms or experts soon will be able to register as an Environmental Consultant or renew their Certificate of Practice online through the Environmental Consultant Registration and Renewal System (ECRES) based on the criteria stipulated by EPD.
  • For more information on registration criteria, click here.

Online submission of Environment Compliance Report

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  • The Environment Compliance Report (ECR) can be submitted online to EPD via Google Form.
  • The ECR shall be prepared and submitted by the appointed Environmental Consultant registered with EPD.
  • For any inquires, do contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.