The Environment Protection Department is structured into five (5) technical divisions and one (1) administration and finance division. The 5 technical divisions are Project Screening, Assessment, Education, Studies & Information Management and Enforcement. The Director, who is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Environment Protection Enactment 2002, also acts under specific directions from the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment and Environment Protection Council.

Project Screening

Providing advisory role on environmental issues.
Environmental screening of development activities.


Implementation of EIA system.
Preparation of environment guidelines and procedures.
Formulation of environmental policies and regulation.


Monitoring of compliance to environmental conditions, orders and regulation.
Inspection of environmental complaints.
Investigation of environmental offences.

Studies & Information Management

Environmental Development Projects.
Environmental surveys.
General monitoring of environmental quality.
Environmental management information system.
Preparation of enviromental management plans.


Implementing environmental awareness programme.
Coordinating environmental awareness programme for SEEN.
Providing environmental activities to the public at large.

Administration & Finance

General Administration.
Personnel management. 
Procurement and store.